Monday, February 21, 2011

026 V-Day Room

026 V-Day Room, photograph by Nick Schale
My wife and I both took tests the Friday of Valentines Day weekend. Her, the EPPP and me, the Photoshop CS5 ACE exam. The next day a conference, not far from the testing location, was going on where I was going to be presenting. So, we thought it would be a good idea to celebrate by staying in south KC and making a date out of it. My exam was the shorter one, so, as a surprise to my Bride I had all 220 'goofy' photos we had taken of ourselves printed off and I taped them all to the wall! I realize that this might seem insane, or freaky, but I assure... I'm not crazy. :) It was a great surprise and we had a blast going through them all, 'where was this one!?' 'ohhh yeah!' 'remember when' etc. etc. etc. We are a couple that love each other, love life, and love to laugh. It was awesome!

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