Wednesday, January 26, 2011

001 This Just In

001 This Just In, photograph by Nick Schale
001 titled This Just In is me telling the world, I am going to give it another shot (multiple puns intended). I will probably be loosening up the rules for myself this go around. Mainly I will try and post daily, HOPEFULLY the shot will be taken that day. If I am unable, I will try and post a photo that has a lot of Photoshop work OR maybe I'll post a Photography tip! Either way, round two... here we go!


  1. Cool! Where did you get that idea?! And how did you shoot that?

  2. Thanks!
    Got the idea coming home that same day. Put on a wide angle lens opened up the back of the box and the front. Really bright day mixed with the snow gave me enough light to work with.